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Creating Purposeful Learning Environments

Using her wealth of experience in improving learning outcomes for students in a range of school settings,  Judy-Ann links current research with proven methods of engaging students of all ages and abilities. Her work in a range of schools from Early Stage 1 through to Stage 6 is based on what is appropriate for the students, their stage of learning and their future needs. She encourages schools to:

  • Identify what works in your context.
  • Work with your school to design unique solutions for improved learning outcomes to suit each school context.
  • Raise expectations for improved school and life achievement.
  • Align teaching strategies with student needs.
  • Respond to student and community cultural contexts to create higher levels of student engagement.
  • Work out what to think about learning styles and “brain based” teaching methods.
  • Apply best practice research in developing school solutions.

Another aspect of her work in the education arena is in the development of classroom teacher’s expertise in the use of challenging and innovative teaching strategies. She is particularly well regarded for her coaching work with teachers no matter how developed their skills are.

Judy-Ann works with several schools and learning communities as a critical friend and mentor to align projects and resources with school needs and whole school community priorities.


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