Recent Projects

Recent projects in a range of schools (including government, Catholic and independent schools) have included working as a:

  • Critical friend for a school that has undergone a significant change program and now needs to embed the strategies as a rapidly growing school.
  • Strategic planning mentor in a school making a cultural shift from a low performing school to a growing school that caters for a high percentage of the student cohort with a selective enrolment based on specific talents.
  • Partner in a very large school embarking on a change program to improve student performance. As the academic partner, working with staff,  Judy-Ann developed tailored change program led to improving student engagement and learning outcomes.
  • Staff mentor who facilitates staff designed projects to develop and embed a responsive, evidence based professional practice model. This included supporting early career teachers who need to develop portfolios for accreditation.
  • Team member working with short, mid and long term plans to ensure that there is a coherent build up to the HSC through embedding teaching and curriculum strategies from Year 7. In another case, Judy-Ann works closely with a K-6 school focused on refining curriculum patterns and assessment approaches to respond to a changing context.
  • Critical friend to a range of schools as they address specific issues in KLAs to support teachers and students.
  • Learning partner for high socio-economic state and independent schools needing to address challenges in ensuring student growth between Kindergarten and Year 6 and Year 7 through to Year 12.

Schools that work with Judy-Ann in a committed school wide improvement program have demonstrated significant improvements in a range of school evaluation data. Several of the schools she has worked with have gone on to win awards at state and national levels.

To support this work Judy-Ann  can develop programs to explore leadership styles, cultural patterns of the school and best practice solutions for school issues.  

Judy-Ann is a well-regarded presenter in the areas of school change, personal effectiveness, leadership training, team development, cultural change within the school, curriculum and assessment practices and catering for individual differences in learning environments for all learners. She provides coaching and mentoring services for all school leaders including emerging and aspiring leaders.